Hearing Aid Batteries

Battery Facts

Understanding Your Battery

There are many factors that affect how long a hearing aid battery lasts.

Understanding Your Hearing Aid Battery

Tips to Meet Your Battery' Expected Life

  • Since everyone's definition of a "day" is different, be sure to calculate your battery usage by hour for a more accurate reading.
  • Store Batteries at room temperature in a package or caddy.
  • Do not carry batteries loose in your pocket or purse.
  • Keep track of your battery usage to determine the average time your battery should last.

Choosing The Right Battery For Your Hearing Aid

Choosing The Right Size Hearing Aid Battery For Your Aid

How To Activate Your Hearing Aid For Use

How To Activate Your Hearing Aid For Use

Easy-to-Use, Portable Dial Package

Designed with the hearing aid wearer in mind, Rayovac's unique packaging is easy to use, secure, and portable. Our packaging features include:

Using our Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries Packaging

1Raised battery cell dials, make gripping and turning the dial effortless.

2Plastic rear door that protects your batteries and securely holds them in place.

3Longer tabs to make putting batteries in your device easy.

4Perforated card allows you to tear off the bottom dial of batteries to make carrying spare batteries discrete and easy!