Coin Cell Safety Facts

• There are approximately 500 cases of Lithium Coin Cells being swallowed each year

      • 49% ingested batteries were removed from a device

      • 42% were left sitting loose or in the trash

      • Only 6% were removed from the battery and packaging


• The direct risk is tissue damage from battery corrosion reactions

• Lithium coin cells can cause serious injury or death if swallowed

      • This can become serious if the swallowing goes unnoticed and the battery sits in the body for a period of time

      • When lithium cells are swallowed they can cause burning and damage to the esophagus


• It is important to keep lithium batteries out of reach of children to prevent ingestion

• Keep coin cell batteries out of sight

• Be aware of what devices in your home take lithium cell batteries

• Rayovac is working with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) (www.nema.org) to make Rayovac coin cell batteries safer:

      • Providing battery usage guides

      • Increasing consumer safety information

      • Removing the perforation from the back of the packaging to make batteries more difficult to remove.

      • Working towards making batteries safer incase of accidental indigestion

      • Making information available to all followers of the Rayovac Facebook page


• Go to the emergency room before taking any actions of your own

• Call poison control (202) 265-3333

• Contact the National Capital Poison Center Hotline

      • www.poison.org

      • Rayovac is an active participant and supporter of this hotline