Battery Care

Learn how to get the best performance from your Rayovac batteries.

Battery Life

  • Before you throw away batteries that you think are dead, wait. Check to see if they have been inserted correctly, and follow the instructions on your device, making sure that the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals of each battery are aligned properly. Also, check to see that the terminals are clean. When in doubt, clean the terminals with a coarse cloth or pencil eraser.
  • Batteries cannot deliver much power when they are cold. You may find that the flashlight kept in your car in the middle of winter casts a faint beam. Let the batteries warm up to normal temperature, and try them again before you decide to replace the batteries.
  • Once your battery-operated device has run down, remove the old batteries and replace them immediately. Don't mix new and old batteries. This draws more power from the new battery, thus shortening its life.
  • Don't mix battery types. For example, don't put a non-alkaline and an alkaline in the same device. This will also reduce the service life.

Preventing Battery Leakage

  • Promptly remove dead or weak batteries from devices.
  • Never mix old and new batteries in a device. Battery leakage may occur.
  • Replace all batteries in a device at the same time.
  • Never mix battery types in a device. Battery leakage may occur. Examples of battery types are alkaline, heavy duty, rechargeable, NiMH.
  • Remove batteries from any device that will be stored for long periods of time.
  • Do not leave battery powered devices switched "on" after the batteries are exhausted; battery leakage may occur.


  • Store batteries in a cool, dry location.
  • Remember, batteries are like any other chemical system. Heat will accelerate the chemical reaction and shorten cell life. Avoid storing batteries or battery-operated devices in extremely warm places or other temperature extremes.
  • Keep batteries in their original package until you are ready to use them.


NEVER dispose of batteries in a fire. They may rupture, releasing internal ingredients.


If a battery was unintentionally swallowed, please call the Capital Poison Center Hotline, collect at 202-625-3333, immediately.

For more information, please visit the National Capital Poison Center web site.

For all other emergencies, please contact your physician or emergency services.