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About Rayovac


1906   The French Battery Company is founded in Madison, Wisconsin
1930   The French Battery Company is renamed the Rayovac Company
1933   Rayovac patented the first wearable vacuum tube hearing aid
1937   Rayovac patents the first portable radio with high-fidelity reception
1939   The first leak-proof “sealed in steel” dry cell battery is introduced by Rayovac
1949   Rayovac introduces the crown cell alkaline for hearing aids and launches the famous steel Sportsman flashlight
1971   Rayovac is awarded the patent for silver oxide button cells
1972   The first heavy-duty all zinc chloride battery with double the life of general purpose batteries is introduced
1984   Rayovac introduced the Workhorse premium flashlight with its lifetime warranty
1988   Rayovac introduces a new computer clock battery to power the real-time clocks of personal computers
1990   The Heavy Duty and Industrial product lines are introduced by Rayovac
1992   A new Workhorse Fluorescent Lantern is introduced by Rayovac to provide the consumer more light features
1993   Rayovac introduces Renewal, a reusable, long-life alkaline battery
1995   Constructed of durable polypropylene, the 2AA flashlight joins the Rayovac Workhorse flashlight family
1995   Basketball superstar Michael Jordan becomes the spokesperson for Renewable Reusable Alkaline Batteries and Power Station chargers
1996   Rayovac introduces a new “hands-free” flashlight called the swivel light
1996   Thomas H. Lee Company acquires Rayovac, and announces plans to go public
1997   The Rayovac Specialty Battery Line is introduced
1997   Rayovac makes initial public offering of 6.7 million shares at $14 per share
1999   Rayovac acquires ROV Limited, establishing them as a global brand with markets worldwide
2001   Rayovac introduces break-through 1-Hour Charger and high capacity Nickel-Metal Hydride Rechargeable Batteries
2002   Rayovac announces development of revolutionary new 15-minute rechargeable technology, I-C3
2002   Rayovac introduces new Maximum Plus Alkaline batteries with improved performance
2002   Rayovac introduces new logo and new packaging
2002   Rayovac acquires European-based battery maker Varta’s consumer battery business
2003   Rayovac introduces new 15-Minute charger and rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries, using the I-C3 technology
2003   Rayovac acquires Remington Products Company, LLC
2004   Rayovac relocates corporate headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia
2004   Rayovac acquires 85% share in Ningbo Baowang, a Chinese battery manufacturing facility
2004   Rayovac acquires Microlite S.A. , a Brazilian battery company
2005   Rayovac acquires United Industries, a leading manufacturer and marketer of consumer products for lawn and garden care and household insect control as well as premium branded specialty pet supplies