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For a powerful iPhone recharge, try our portable iPhone and Android cell phone charger.
  • For a powerful iPhone recharge, try our portable iPhone and Android cell phone charger.
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Mobile Battery Power Pack for Micro-USB Android and Apple 30-Pin Tip Phones

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Features and Benefits

• Compatible with Micro USB and Apple devices
• Powered by a Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
• Use and recharge hundreds of times
• Holds charge up to 12 months
• Each charge provides 60 minutes of talk time*
Instant power when your device is plugged in
• LED light indicates charging
• Keychain attached for convenient power on the go
• Keychain attached for convenience and portability
• No cords! All connections are attached

*Based on iPhone 4S Model
Mobile Battery Power Pack for Micro-USB Android and Apple 30-Pin Tip Phones 2.7 5 15 15
Compact and handy I purchased this and the 2 Hour Power Apple Bundle. I haven't heard the "My phone is gonna die" cry since. Just make sure it gets charged for next time. Nice litle device. October 1, 2013
Neat idea.. When I first bought it I misread the package, I thought it fully charged your phone. Still, it is nice in an emergency, I'm very happy with it. September 27, 2013
Cell phone charger I don't have anything bad to say about the product at this time because it doesn't work with the new iPhones. I need to return it & get one that will work with the iPhone 5s. July 16, 2014
Charge it up first and a few other tips Yes, you must charge it up AND keep it charged every 12 months or so. (Not every 12 hours like mentioned elsewhere). Once a year. Not every day. It's smart to test it out before you need it so you know how to make it work! A recent test I did after leaving it charged and stored for months gave me a decent jolt of juice and was certainly enough to make an emergency call or two. Finally, when it comes to the switch, here's the trick: move the switch in the direction you want power to flow. Move it towards the device side aka "Out" when you want power to flow OUT to your phone/device. Move the switch towards the USB end aka "In/Off" when you want to power flow IN to the unit #to re-charge it once it's been used#. Leave the switch towards In/Off when stored. But don't forget to slide it back to "Out" when you need to use it. July 12, 2014
not worth it didnt charge my phone at all. Charge light came on, phone noticed the charge, but it was a slow to none trickle and stopped charging within minutes. Tried it out on my daughter's non-smart phone thinking my phone was just too much, no such luck. This one went back to the store for a refund. I had higher hopes for rayovac. June 30, 2014
Meh It holds a charge for only 12 hours. This means you must plug it in every 12 hours, so that it is ready in case you need it, right? Plus, it has so many little parts with no way of storing them when are using the ones you need. The little writing is impossible to see, and I had to go to the internet to figure it out because it came with no instructions. It provides so little charge for all the work, not really worth it. The only thing I will give it is that it is light enough to carry around. I guess for the price, you might like it, but I just don't think its worth all the hassle for about an hour of charge. Sorry June 5, 2014
not happy It broke the first day that I got it. The switch broke so I couldn't use it. : April 21, 2014
Does the job on my Samsung Illusion This device does what it says. When my phone is low on power and gives me the dreaded warning, I simply plug in the phone boost and I'm good to go for at least another half hour or more. The only problem is the cover kept coming off while in my pocket and I finally lost it. What a bummer. February 24, 2014
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