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    Battery Facts

    Innovation History

    Trust the batteries that come from the company that developed the first wearable vacuum tube hearing aid!


    Hearing AidThe History of Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries

    Rayovac, the manufacturer of the World's No.1 selling hearing aid battery, has a long and proud history of innovations, which amongst others, includes the introduction of zinc air cells, new hearing aid battery references, pack sizes and innovative packaging designs.

    However our relationship with the hearing industry stretches back much further with our first involvement nearly 70 years ago with the first wearable vacuum tube hearing aid in 1937.

    Since then we have worked tirelessly with the industry to ensure that our products are developed to meet the changing needs of the consumer.

    Our first production facility was opened in the USA in 1963 with a second hearing aid battery production facility opening in the UK in 1989 to serve the European market.

    In addition to unsurpassed hearing aid battery quality, Rayovac supports its exceptional products with world-class programs, promotions and collateral materials.

    "Rayovac is continually looking for ways to enhance the quality of life for those with hearing loss," said Randy Raymond, vice president and general manager - global hearing aid business. "To us, that means doing everything we can to make our product better and easier to use. Hearing care professionals can now offer the most powerful Rayovac hearing aid battery ever, along with improved packaging that adds even more value and appeal."

    In the future - as in the past and present - Rayovac is committed to retaining its undisputed leadership position by continuing to provide the technology enhancements, packaging and shelf-life improvements and innovative programs that make Rayovac hearing aid batteries the #1 choice for professionals and consumers alike.

    A timeline of Rayovac’s Hearing Innovation History

    • 1937 - Rayovac filed a patent on March 6th 1937 with the first wearable vacuum tube hearing aid.
    • 1949 - Rayovac introduces the crown cell alkaline for hearing aids.
    • 1964 - Rayovac develop the dial pack for hearing aid batteries.
    • 1977 - Zinc Air Hearing Aid Battery Cell Introduced.
    • 1979 - The Rayovac MicroPower Group was established.
    • 1980 - The new and superior "Air 2000" premium hearing aid battery was launched.
    • 1986 - 8-pack Dial Card Configuration Introduced.
    • 1995 - Size 5A Introduced.
    • 1996 - Launch High Power.
    • 1997 - 12 pack introduced.
    • 1998 - 36 pack introduced.
    • 1999 - Increased Capacity Over 12-18 Months.
    • 2003 - High Rate and Long Life in One Design.
    • 2004 - State of the art Sealant.
    • 2005 - World’s Only 4-Year Freshness Date Code Rayovac Advanced Introduction.
    • 2006 - Launch of Rayovac ADVANCED - up to 17% More Power and 10% more mAh.
    • 2006 - Launch of Rayovac Cochlear.
    • 2007 - Launch of Rayovac Extreme Performance.
    • 2008 - Launch of Rayovac Mercury Free.