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    Portable Power
    2HOUR 2HOUR 2HOUR Never go without power with the PS71 external battery backup for iPhones. Portable Power

    2 Hour Power Apple Bundle

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    No Charging Cord? No outlet nearby? No problem.

    Rayovac's 2-Hour Power Apple Bundle comes with three PS71 2-Hour Power Chargers and CR123A Batteries!

        No charging cord? No outlet nearby? No problem.

    Rayovac's 2-Hour Power can give your iPhone up to 2 hours of additional talk time!

    You won't need cords for your iPhone anymore with the 2-Hour Power bundle. It comes with a battery-powered portable battery charger for your iPhone and a powerful Rayovac CR123a battery. It's exactly what you need when you are on the go, in emergencies, and for storm preparedness.

    Simply pop a CR123a battery into the 2-Hour Power charger; plug the portable charger into your iPhone and power up right away.


    • Instant emergency power for your iPhone
    • 2 hours of additional talk time provided by each battery*
    • Replaceable battery means you can use the power pack for years
    • Small enough to fit in your glove compartment, purse, briefcase, or backpack
    • Great for travel, emergencies, kids, storm preparedness


    • Compatible with Apple 4S and below
    • Powered by 1 Rayovac Lithium CR123a battery
    • 10 year Battery Storage Life

      *Based on iPhone 4S model
     Read more about portable power topics on our blog:
     1. Insert Battery (included) Use Rayovac CR123A battery for 10-Year shelf life performance. 2. Connect Charger to iPhone. Charging will complete in 30-40 minutes. You can stop charging at any time to save remaining battery charge. Charger may become warm during use. This is normal.


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    Customer Reviews (3)

    Portable Battery Charger for iPhone - 2 Hour Power Bundle 5 5 2 2
    Great Product I purchased several of these. That way I can leave one in the car, one at my mother's house, etc. I have already used one and it works great. September 18, 2014
    Convenient and out of mind My wife tends to run her iPhone battery close to death at any given time for whatever reason. Now she can throw one of these in her purse, one in her suitcase and maybe one in her car. She's always on the go and charging strategies are never at the top of her list. With an advertised shelf life of ten years, my wife doesn't need to worry about dying iPhones. Just replace the battery after use. September 26, 2013
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