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    Portable Portable Portable Portable This portable USB charger is the ultimate battery power pack for iPhones, Micro-USB devices and Android phones.

    7 Hour Power Bundle

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    Never be without USB power again!

    Rayovac’s 7-Hour Power Bundle comes with one PS73 7-Hour Power Charger, Apple and Micro USB cords, and a AA24 pack of Alkaline Batteries!

        Never be without USB power again!

    Rayovac’s Back Up Power Pack provides up to 7 hours of instant mobile power using Rayovac Alkaline Batteries!

    The Back Up Power Pack is a great Android and iPhone external battery pack that offers enough power to give your device a complete charge and up to seven hours of Instant mobile power! Powered by Rayovac alkaline batteries, it's a reliable external battery for your mobile device.


    • Instant Emergency Power for your mobile device
    • 7 hours of talk time with one set of batteries*
    • Compatible with all USB connected devices
    • Great for emergencies; No outlets needed


    • Powered by 4 Rayovac AA Alkaline Batteries (included)
    • LED light indication – power and charge status

      *Based on iPhone 4S model
     Read more about portable power topics on our blog:
     Works with Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, HTC and more! 1. Insert AA Alkaline Batteries. (included) 2. Connect Charger to Device. With cord (included) or use your existing USB power cord. You can stop charging at any time to save remaining battery charge.


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    Customer Reviews (3)

    Android and iPhone External Battery Pack - 7 Hour Power Bundle 4.2 5 6 6
    Nice little charger My phone is an android, but it is a battery hog. I'm also a gamer. That isn't good when you're like me. A two hour maximum battery and my game time just don't mix. So I bought this to take to places like Cedar Point and Kennywood so I don't get bored in line for the roller coasters. And believe me this thing is a life saver and it charges my phone wonderfully! It takes longer than a wall outlet, but when your using A battery operated device for a charger its marvelous! The only thing is that it doesn't last for seen hours (maybe 3.5 of 4 hours tops) so just take some extra batteries but its a good device and I recommend it to everybody! July 1, 2014
    Great for travel The best product for when I go on vacation! You can always get batteries. February 21, 2014
    good charge Works good just don't charge for 7 hours. But nice for emergency backup. For the price it is good. January 6, 2014
    great for emergencies I bought this mostly for emergency situations. I live in florida where the possibility of week long power outage is likely during hurricane season especially. This is the best device I've seen, it takes batteries instead of having to charge up the device. What's the point of having an emergency power back-up if you can't use it when the power is out! August 27, 2013
    it works rather well charges your device as stated easy to use great to have for that just in case moment when you need it August 16, 2013
    Very disappointed/Product PS73-4B I purchased two of these devices ( 7-Hour Power), one for myself and one for my grandson in the event either of our Samsung Galaxy Phones went "dead". I tested it at home before giving him his by letting my phone's battery totally run down. I attached the device per the intructions, using the rayovac batteries. To my dismay, it did not generate enough "instant" power to turn the phone on. I also noted that while attached to this device, my phone did not maintain the level of power it did have to begin with. The box says "instant power". It was almost an hour before I had enough power to even turn the phone on, let alone use it. I tested the other one, thinking maybe, the first one was defective but had the same results. There is no way this would help my young grandson if his phone's battery went dead and he had a real emergency and only this device for power to call 911. It's ok for times when the battery is only about 25% discharged but hardly useful in any kind of an emergency. It still took 4 batteries to regain that charge without using the phone while attached. I think it would be handy to use before the battery is below 50% in case of an emergency but I would not count on it for anything else. "Instant power" is not at all what it provides. Also advise buyer to have a LARGE supply of the AA batteries if it has to be used more than once, it did get my phone up to 49% before the devices batteries themselves died. The box does state though "UP TO 100% Phone charge" so I can't fault it on that point. I am returning them for the above reasons. Disappointed consumer... August 10, 2013
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