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    Sportsman Xtreme™ 1W LED 1AA Headlight
    Rayovac Flashlight

    LED 1 Watt 1AA Headlight

    Out of Stock
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    Get out there—and see where you’re going.

    Model: SE1WHLT-BA

    Features and Benefits:

    • 1 Watt Luxeon LED
    • 2 red LED's for night vision, 1 blue LED for tracking, and 1 white LED
    • 62 Lumens
    • Rotating diffuser lens to illuminate a larger area
    • Battery run time: 2 hours
    • DC-DC regulated circuit
    • Water resistant
    • Lifetime warranty
    • (1) AA Rayovac alkaline battery included

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    Customer Reviews (3)

    LED 1 Watt 1AA Headlight 4.9 5 15 15
    The perfect headlamp The simple, single AA battery power source is what I like most about the unit. AA's are common and inexpensive. I seldom use the red or blue light so if those features were eliminated that would be ok with me. July 19, 2013
    The best headlamp I have ever owned. This light is awesome. I am an avid outdoorsman and love to hunt. This light has performed great for me. I use it mostly when walking to my treestands in the dark. Having the blue and red light features makes sneaking in a whole lot easier. Infact i loved this light so much I bought my four brother inlaws each one. So far they all love it too. Great light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! June 28, 2013
    Best light ever! This light paired with a pack of AA rechargeable batteries is the best combo ever! My favorite part is that this light only requires one battery unlike many other models. Put one battery in the light and another in your pocket and you're good to go! I use my light every single day... Comfortable to wear and when not in use, just let it hang around your neck. I recommend one for everybody! December 19, 2012
    Great light These headlamps have just the right amount of light emission & are very durable & a great buy. December 15, 2012
    Excellent product I hate to sound like a corporate shill, but this headlamp is better than all the other ones I've ever used. In fact, I'm on my fourth one. (Bought my first one several years ago. Liked it so much that when it got lost, I bought another. When that one eventually disappeared, I bought two more, so I have a backup that I can quickly put into use when the cell [battery] on the first one dies. In fact, when I go for a long late-night walk, I’ll often wear two of these headlamps, so when the first one poops out, I can just press the button on the second one and keep going without missing a beat.# Pros: [1] Bright light [2] Diffuser provides smooth, even illumination with no bright spots -- perfect for reading or any other general purpose use. But if you DO want a bright spot, just flip the diffuser out of the way. That diffuser is a real game-changer. Works great. [3] Uses just one AA cell, so it’s MUCH easier and faster to change cells than the more common headlamps that use three AAA cells and a cartridge to hold them. That’s a big plus, especially when you use this product as often as I do and go through a lot of cells. #I use rechargeables, of course# Cons: [1] Cell #battery) compartment cap is difficult to screw on because the threads are so fine – easy to get cross-threaded. Cap must be PERFECTLY aligned for it to be screwed on. [2] Over time, the sweat and skin oils from my forehead dissolve the adhesive that holds the small foam cushion pad in place. So the pad won’t stick and then it’s just the plastic of the headlamp against my forehead, which is slightly less comfortable, but you get used to it. Not a big deal – just something I thought I’d mention. [3] Elastic head straps stretch over time, necessitating constant adjustment. Which is no problem until you run out of adjustment room – then what? I had to cut the strap, remove the excess, the glue the ends back together. It worked, but now I’m starting to run out of adjustment room again! Those relatively minor cons wouldn't stop me from buying this headlamp, though. In fact, I may go ahead and buy yet another one, in case Rayovac stops making them! September 6, 2012
    Tough, bright Great unit, Pros - like that it is all contained in 1 pc, no separate battery pack - lots of white light, fails over to red when the battery runs down Cons - only get 1 hr run time on white light, till it fails over to red July 9, 2012
    Customer Best We bought several headlight with the 3 led redlights for our hunting customers, they love this light. It actually works really great and it is very bright for such a small light. - Coastline Outdoors Hunters March 14, 2012