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    Work Lights

    INDESTRUCTIBLE INDESTRUCTIBLE rayovac Virtually Indestructible LED 3AAA High Performance Headlight

    Virtually Indestructible LED 3AAA High Performance Headlight

    home depot
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    Professional-grade flashlights for the toughest jobs.

    Model: DIYHPHL-B

    Features and Benefits:

    • High performance LEDs and 2 modes: 120 Lumens, 30 Lumens (energy saver)
    • Beam distance: 113 meters, 60 meters (energy saver)
    • Battery Run time (alkaline batteries incl.): 5 hours, 22 hours (energy saver)
    • 30 Foot Drop Test Performance!
    • Rubber body – shock absorbers
    • Impact resisting internal engineering
    • Designed for maximum durability + simplicity
    • Compact and lightweight
    • IPX4 water resistant
    • Lifetime guarantee
    • (3) AAA Rayovac alkaline batteries included


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    Customer Reviews (3)

    Virtually Indestructible LED 3AAA High Performance Headlight 4.9 5 8 8
    Stellar Headlamp I accidently stumbled onto this product and must say that I was very impressed with the light weight, low price, ease of use and definitely with it's overall durability. I put this headlamp through some pretty tough jobs and even let my 2 boys 7 and 4 years old play with it as they can destroy anything, no matter how supposed strong it was. I can say without a doubt that this headlamp held up and even came in handy several times whenever I needed some extra light but didn't have the extra hands. Take the new Fusion batteries Rayovac has out and this light will last you a long time and in my opinion is also a bit brighter with the Fusion batteries. I highly recommend this product to anyone needing a headlamp for any reason. September 28, 2014
    Best light at any price As an electrician, I wear a light on my hard hat all the time. My issues with other lights were impact resistance, excessive modes, complicated switching, and the band slipping all over the place. This light, with its rubber headband, solves all of those. The lumen output on low, is equal to my two previous Coleman lamps, on their high settings, determined by shining at a tree @ 50yds, at night. I can't say enough about how well this light fits my needs, and at about half the price of its closest competitors. I'm a bit of a flashlight-o-phile, so I will check out the other lights in the Rayovac "Indestructible" series. They appear to be great lights, at a great value. September 3, 2013
    Buy it now. Throw out all others I've owned head lamps from $10 to $300. This one blows them all away. You will never find any other lamp with this price performance. I use it for running and you can see from here to where you will be in an hour. Any body I show this to buys one. August 27, 2013
    Finally, a Great Headlamp I've owned many headlamps pricing from $10 to $35. As one reviewer stated, most look impressive in the store until you get them home and try them at night in actual environment, then they lack the illumination, the whole point of a flashlight. This headlamp is by far the best ...and I don't mean just barely, it seems about 5 times brighter than anything I've had. You can actually see things at night. The beam is focused and very bright....and there's a halo around the beam that illuminates your viewing area. The construction looks and feel very solid. No fancy unneccessary gimmick to the body. And to top it off, it's under $15 bucks. I'll definitely consider other Rayovac products. I know it's just a headlamp but I've been through so many and have been disappointed each time. Highly recommend this product. June 28, 2013
    Good choice for headlamp. I wanted something that would allow me to have both hands free while I'm walking my dog at night and still be able to see well. I wasn't concerned with multiple light modes, red or green LED's, just good visibility. This unit works great for that purpose, even on the energy saver mode. Compared to the price of other brands that I looked at, this is the best buy. December 16, 2012
    Best for the price I too have had many headlamps and this one by far is the best bang for the buck! I killed a deer last night and with this light I was able to dress the deer and drag her out of the dark woods with ease! October 9, 2012
    The best headlamp for the price. I've been using headlamps for years. This is the best low cost one I've ever found. This headlamp comes with a grip tight silicone strap for a hard hat that I needed and also a good quality cloth (adjustable/stretch) strap for non-hard hat users like bicyclists and campers. It has a well focused spot light that illuminates items for the user at least the 100 meter distance advertised and beyond in High mode and 60 meters in low mode. I would recommend it for any professional or recreational use where a lightweight quality headlamp is a useful tool for hands free illumination. August 4, 2012
    Light output is unreal ! This little light out performs lights 3X it's size! Most LEDs look very bright but in actual use leave a lot to be desired....not this baby! I am very pleased with this light and would highly recommend It to anyone who needs a hands free light. January 5, 2012
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