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    PS68 On-The-Go Keychain Phone Charger

    For a powerful iPhone recharge, try our portable iPhone and Android cell phone charger.
    Portable portable Portable Portable Portable

    Recharge with a Portable iPhone, Micro-USB and Android Cell Phone Charger

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     Need that late day boost of power for your phone?  

    Rayovac’s Phone Boost provides the instant power to charge your Apple or Micro-USB device for an extra hour of talk-time.

    The Phone Boost Charger is back in black. The PS68 has a sleek new look and still provides the instant power to charge your Apple or Micro-USB device at home or on the go. It’s a backup iPhone battery that’s perfect for power in a pinch!


    • Compatible with Micro USB and Apple devices
    • Powered by a Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
    • Use and recharge hundreds of times
    • Holds charge up to 12 months
    • Each charge provides 60 minutes of talk time*
    • Instant power when your device is plugged in
    • LED light indicates charging
    • Keychain attached for convenient power on the go
    • No cords! All connections are attached

      *Based on iPhone 4S model


    Customer Reviews (10)

    Recharge with a Portable iPhone, Micro-USB and Android Cell Phone Charger 2.7 5 15 15
    disappointed Do I need to charge this up before 1st use? I plugged it in to my phone, and it took it from 13% (which is when it usually dies) up to only 20%. Not much of a boost! January 21, 2014
    Good, useful product. Inadequate instructions and poor diagram for explaining the switch. The only way you can read the direction of the switch in in the sunlight. A good thing we can go on the internet to find out how to use the switch from another persons review. December 26, 2013
    watch out for the little switch I bought one of these for christmas present. opened it up and was trying to flick the tiny switch to charge it and it broke off. apparently it was already in the charge position. Very flimsly little switch so be careful. Othewise a nice product probably. Hoping they will replace it under some kind of waranty if not oh well. Still a great little gizmo or will be. December 25, 2013
    Needs an I-Phone 5 adapter Picked this up today and did not pay attention to the lack of an I-phone 5 size plug. Oh we'll my wife or daughter now have a backup. November 16, 2013
    inadequate instruction no where on the package or the product does it tell you which way is "in/off" "out/on' and yet you have to switch it to charge or use. does in mean towards the inside of the devise or inwards toward the computer or towards the usb? its a guessing game. so I will "charge" with my best guess and see if it works. darn I have just seen the smallest gray letters next to the switch. micro size and gray! on black plastic. and guess what, a best guess is wrong. out is towards the inside of the devise. Wow. hope it works. July 24, 2013
    Good for a little boost I'm a sports fan and a concert goer, so having this little guy is good for the ride home when your battery is at 3% because you've been taking pictures and texting the whole time. Even though it doesn't give too terribly much of a boost, it still helps a bit when you need it. Though I wish someone would figure out how to stop battery discharge already! xD I'd recommend it. Not the best, but not the worst either. June 6, 2013
    Just brought this product! brought this from soon as i brought, i charged it fully and plugged it onto my gave me 15% extra charge (72 to 87) i have kept it for charging has been charging since last 90 mins...yet to see 'green', i really do not know, how long it takes to get it to full charge. May 11, 2013