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    PS71 External Battery Backup for iPhone

    Never go without power with the PS71 external battery backup for iPhones.
    Portable Power 2hour 2hour 2hour

    Instant Battery Charger for iPhone and iPod

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        No charging cord? No outlet nearby? No problem.

    Rayovac's 2-Hour Power can give your iPhone up to 2 hours of additional talk time!

    2-Hour Power comes with a powerful Rayovac CR123a battery. No cords needed. It’s perfect for on-the-go, sudden emergencies, or storm preparedness. The more batteries you have the more power you have.

    Once the battery is inserted, plug 2-Hour Power into your mobile device and power up right away.


    • Instant Emergency Power for your iPhone
    • Powered by 1 Rayovac Lithium CR123a battery
    • Each battery provides up to 2hrs of talk time*
    • Replaceable Battery. Use the power pack over and over
    • 10 year Battery Storage Life
    • Compatible with Apple 4S and below
    • Great for travel, emergencies, storm preparedness and kids (Get safety tips for child iPhone users)
    • Keep one in car, purse, briefcase, kid’s backpack
    • Compact. Easy to Carry. No cords needed!

      *Based on iPhone 4S model
     1. Insert Battery (included) Use Rayovac CR123A battery for 10-Year shelf life performance. 2. Connect Charger to iPhone. Charging will complete in 30-40 minutes. You can stop charging at any time to save remaining battery charge. Charger may become warm during use. This is normal.


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    Customer Reviews

    Instant Battery Charger for iPhone and iPod 3.9 5 7 7
    works good works good when battery runs low I would but again my wife likes it great for a fast recharge July 5, 2014
    does not work I bought the 2hour power mini charger for my galaxy SIII and it will not charge it or even make a connection with my phone and it says it works with samsung but aparently it dont April 18, 2014
    batteries expensive Replacement batteries are expensive. The kids needed a rechargable device so they can listen to music and play games on the bus. Kept the product for power outages or emergencies, but not good for everyday use. February 6, 2014
    Great Feature This product is worth it's weight in gold. I'm in sales and it's comes handy when my battery are running low. Thank you Rayovac. September 29, 2013
    Super convenient and quick to charge! Love having this portable charger around. My friends have already started asking for one of their own. Very helpful when your phone dies and you have no outlet. It's saved me many times. July 19, 2013
    This is going in my emergency kit To test my instant battery charger, I allowed my iPhone to go completely dead and shut down. Plugging the charger in, it took about 4 minutes for there to be enough charge to power it back up. At first, there was only 5% charge showing, but it kept coming up as I used the phone. I watched videos for an hour, a good test. The charge built up to 25%. I let the phone "rest", using it intermittently over the next 2 1/2 hours. The charge read 40%. I watched 1/2 hour of video, the charge dropped to 30%. I unplugged the charger, wondering if I could "restart" a dead phone with it. I used the phone very sporadically for the next 5 hours. So 1 1/2 hours of video, plenty of texting, calling, and Internet, the end result: My phone was on for 9 hours before dying again. Was I able to restart the phone a second time? Nope. Am I satisfied? Yep, my phone was on plenty long from one charge. I need to buy another battery, this rig's going in my emergency kit. June 16, 2013
    Great product Works like a dream!! I WOULD AND HAVE TOLD EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUT IT!!!! June 12, 2013
    1-7 of 7