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    PS73 Portable USB Charger

    This portable USB charger is the ultimate battery power pack for iPhones, Micro-USB devices and Android phones.
    Portable Power 7hour 7hour Portable Portable

    Mobile Battery Power Pack for iPhones, Android and Micro-USB Phones

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        Never be without USB power again!

    Rayovac’s Back Up Power Pack provides up to 7 hours of instant mobile power using Rayovac Alkaline Batteries!

    With enough power to give your device a complete charge, the Back Up Power Pack provides up to seven hours of instant mobile power! Using Rayovac Alkaline Batteries, it’s a powerful external battery for your mobile device.


    • Instant Emergency Power for your mobile device
    • Powered by 4 Rayovac AA Alkaline Batteries (included)
    • One set of batteries provides up to 7 hours of talk time*
    • Compatible with all USB connector devices
    • Top-notch iPhone battery that's great for emergencies; no electricity needed
    • LED light indication – power and charge status

      *Based on iPhone 4S model
     Works with Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, HTC and more! 1. Insert AA Alkaline Batteries. (included) 2. Connect Charger to Device. With cord (included) or use your existing USB power cord. You can stop charging at any time to save remaining battery charge.


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    Customer Reviews

    Mobile Battery Power Pack for iPhones, Android and Micro-USB Phones 3.6 5 14 14
    This is a fantastic inexpensive product. I camp in remote areas. Mountain tops have cell service, but roaming takes a lot of phone battery. There are several rechargable emergency chargers out there, they are expensive and after a phone recharge or two they are spent and useless until they are plugged in and charged. With this product, just add 4 AA batteries and it is ready. My I Pad said "not charging" but it did to 100 percent. My I phone 5 charged to 100 percent! This is a $14 product! Try it, you will be happy. December 22, 2013
    Great backup! This battery power pack is small and easy to carry in my bag. Its great for crowded airport gates where power outlets are scarce, or for a day at the mall when you battery runs low. December 19, 2013
    Was able to get a full charge the first night and then a 80% charge the second night on 4 batteries. Was very pleased with the outcome of my test of this product. I have a Droid phone and was able to basically get two charges with the first set of batteries. I purchased this product to take to the Boy Scout National Jamboree where charging cell phones will be an issue. With this product I will not need to stand in line at a charging station. The USB cord is included which means that I only have to provide the extra batteries. Once the Jamboree is over I can keep this charger with me to use for emergency charges. June 26, 2013
    Excellent product would repurchase Works great for iPhone and ipad. Won't charge ipad but will power and save battery. March 11, 2014
    Will destroy your cellphone Battery This chager and all the other AA battery type chargers will destroy your cellphone battery. Apparently, the chip inside your cellphone battery will get fried the 1st time you use one of these AA battery charger and your battery will discharge at a rediculous rate once it is disconnected. I have two of these battery chargers and thought it was a great idea. i used to get 8 hours out of my battery fully charged, now, I'l be lucky if I get 1 hour from it after a full charge. Once your battery is ruined, it's ruined for good. They should ddefinitly stop selling these kinds of chargers and somebody really do need to do an investigative piece on why they are being sold because it does they do destroy your cellphone batteries. AA batteries are incompatible with the batteries that are in you phone. February 27, 2014
    Does as advertised This is great. I use it for emergencies only at first, but now realize that it is really convenient anywhere. Since it takes batteries it really becomes cost effective with rechargeables. So long as the batteries are good, this will work fine. Not much can go wrong except physical abuse. The only draw back is I can't carry this on me 100% of the time as it is a bit too big for my jean pockets with the cord and all. It never leaves my car though. February 26, 2014
    7 Hour Rechargeable This product works great. My wife needs it for her long stays when she is getting her chemo treatments. I rely on Rayovac Products. February 12, 2014
    Nothing great about this at all. This product did not work. I did not get to use it once. I put batteries in it and they died before I got to use it.Ridiculous to keep batteries in my purse loose just because this product runs down batteries if you keep them inside. I will not recommend this product. Batteries were also brand new and Rayovac. Figure that. December 30, 2013
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