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    Rayovac Recharge

    rayovac rayovac Value Charger Recharge

    Recharge 4 Position AA and AAA Charger with Batteries

    SKU:PS133-4B GEN
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    Rayovac's Recharge line offers your best value in rechargeable power for high-drain devices.

    Model: PS133-4B GEN

    Features and Benefits:

    • Reduce waste and save money. Keep disposable batteries out of the landfills and save hundreds of dollars when you use rechargeable batteries versus alkaline.
    • Charges any 2 or 4 AA or AAA NiMH or NiCD batteries
    • Charges batteries overnight
    • Charges Rayovac Recharge AA rechargeable batteries in 10 hours
    • 2 red LED lights indicate charge status
    • Compact size and fold out plug for easy portability
    • Comes with 2 AA and 2 AAA NiMH low self discharge batteries
    • One year limited manufacturer's warranty

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    Customer Reviews (1)

    Recharge 4 Position AA and AAA Charger with Batteries 4.5 5 38 38
    Very good product Very good product does not ran out quickly and the charging time is okay. June 21, 2014
    Great Product Well 2 days after getting charger had to use AA & AAA batteries for flashlights that were turned on and off for about 6 hours.batteries held charge very well.charger was is to use. June 20, 2014
    Great Product! This is a neat product because one can save a lot of money by recharging their batteries instead of constantly going to the store to buy more. Highly recommended! June 18, 2014
    Save money with great batteries I have never used rechargeable batteries before. This product is perfect for me...a single person living in a small apartment who goes through AA batteries like crazy! These batteries came fully charged and I put them to a harsh test by putting them in my Roku remote control that is also a headphone. Being in an apartment, I watch most of my tv loud through these headphones and they suck the batteries down. These batteries lasted longer than any others I've tried. Then, when they died, I simply put them in the charger, and they were ready to use that evening. Such a great product! June 15, 2014
    Rayovac 4 position AA and AAA Charger with Batteries I love the Rayovac Recharger and Batteries. We tested the charger and the Batteries well before writing this review. We tested them on toys, flashlights, camp lights and under the counter lights that require batteries. I even tested them out in my Camera. They last a long time before having to recharge the batteries. I would highly recommend the charger and batteries to anyone and everyone. Trust me you will not be dissapointed. Thank you Rayovac for letting me give my honest opinion on a awesome product. June 14, 2014
    Better than another charger/battery set I bought I got this charger/battery set as part of a promotion from Rayovac. I already owned a charger/battery set from another major brand and wanted to compare them. First thing first, the charger itself. I found the Rayovac charger to be more compact than the other charger sizewise, but it stuck out from the wall a bit more which I like for grabbing purposes. The Rayovac charger also has a lip around the edge towards you with what could be called handles that made it very easy to put in and take out of the wall socket, much easier than the other brand that doesn't have that feature. I found putting the batteries in comparably easy for both, but the Rayovac charger has the indicator lights above the batteries, while the other brand has theirs below the batteries. I prefer the light above for ease of viewing. The batteries in the Rayovac charger also charged faster, not sure if that's the charger or the batteries but the faster they charge, the happier I am. Pretty much, the Rayovac charger blew the other charger out of the water. As for the batteries themselves, I found the Rayovac charged faster than the other brand, and when used in XBox controllers, lasted longer by about 2 days of teenage boy use than the others. Overall, I am very happy with this product and would recommend it. I know I will be buying more of these batteries as I finish my quest to replace all of our disposables. Thanks Rayovac, for another great product! June 11, 2014
    Great product from a great company Received this product in the mail and batteries were already charged. While using the new batteries that came with the charger I put my old batteries on to charge. They charged quite fast and were good as new. Love this product and will recommend it to anyone looking to save money from battery purchases. Just insert AA or AAA"s and plug in the wall. Easy and saves money on replacing with new batteries and from a trust worthy company.....what's not to love! Thanks for the opportunity to try out your new product. With 6 grandkids and their electronics this product will be used alot. June 8, 2014
    Excellent charger and batteries I love this charger and batteries, they are affordable and work great. They are also very reliable. I would highly recommend these chargers! May 29, 2014
    Love this charger! I love this charger and the fact that you can charge 2 different size batteries. It is well made and I would definitely recommend it to my friends. I use the batteries in my digital camera and the charge lasts a long time.Thanks Rayovac for a great product! May 26, 2014
    Great product! When I first got this product home, I took it out of the box and allowed it to charge over night. Then I tested out in the batteries in a battery operated fan for camping. I was really impressed. I had the fan on over night and to my surprise the fan was still going strong the next morning. I really am impressed at how long these batteries last, and would defiantly recommend if you are looking to buy rechargeable batteries. May 15, 2014
    Great product I love this charger and the fact I can have one charger for 2 types of batteries. May 15, 2014
    great this is a very good and usefull product and saves money i recomond it highly very good product April 8, 2014
    I love my Battery Charger:) I have been using my charger and batteries for about 6 months now, and I love how much it has saved me on buying new batteries and kept them out of landfills. My only problem I have had with this Rayovac is that I want to replace all off my batteries with their rechargeable batteries. I found that the batteries charge last a long time and if I recharge them while I am sleeping I have no down time on any of my battery needs. Thank you for making a great product Rayovac. April 8, 2014
    Battery storage I store my batteries in a kitchen drawer out of sunlight April 8, 2014
    Very handy, and very well built. They were shipped fully charged, very easy to unpack and use. With the charger fitting AA, and AAA batteries, a combo of 4 batteries works. Really glad I have gotten two. March 21, 2014
    Love these batteries I got these for my Cannon camera, then wanted a better Nikon so I gave them to my Mom with the camera and just had to get more for my flashlights. March 7, 2014
    Returning Customer I purchased this charger and batteries before. I was impressed at the life and power of these rechargeables as compared to other brands. That, with the cost of the Rayovac, as compared to the other brands was why I returned to get more of these batteries and chargers. January 27, 2014
    Smh This product is a joke...took forever to charge then only worked for about 10 minutes and I'm being generous!!! Overnight charge to use for ten minutes? Very disappointed December 21, 2013
    Easy to use and dependable. I wear a headlamp around my property most of the time.These Rayovac rechareable products were purchased for me a year ago. Suppose I could live without them but would rather not. I now have two rechargers and plenty of batteries. Life for a middle aged man with vision struggles is much better these days. December 16, 2013
    I like this for around the house use I like the batteries for my sons xbox controller he goes through batteries once a week you charger them at night play for a week then charge again the. Your good for a week September 6, 2013
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