Warranty & Guarantee

We offer a lifetime guarantee on our flashlights. We will replace, repair or refund any device* damaged by our batteries.

Money Back Guarantee

Rayovac Alkaline & Hearing Aid Batteries
Not completely satisfied in the performance of our alkaline or hearing aid batteries? You’ll get your money back. Call us at 1-800-891-6091 for further information on returning the required material, or send us (postage prepaid) the used batteries along with the original packaging and receipt to:

Rayovac Power Challenge:
P.O. Box 620992
Middleton, WI 53562-0992

Include a 3" x 5" card with your name, address, the reason for returning, and your signature.*
*Limit 1 per household. Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing. Only street addresses will be accepted- Sorry, we cannot mail to Post Office Boxes.

Device Guarantee

We will replace or refund, at our option, any device damaged by Rayovac AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, button cell or coin cell batteries. Guarantee does not cover lithium ion batteries. Please send the required damaged device and batteries that caused the damage to the address below. (Sorry, C.O.D.’s not accepted.) When possible, please separate the batteries from the device prior to shipping. Our guarantee does not cover devices that are damaged by batteries that are beyond their expiration dates.

Flashlight Warranty

Lifetime Warranty: We will replace or refund, at our option, any Rayovac branded flashlight. No packaging and/or receipt required. Return defective product to Spectrum Brands, Inc. (Sorry, C.O.D.’s not accepted). Warranty excludes damage caused by battery leakage, accidents and misuse.

For Parcel Shipments (packages):
Rayovac Consumer Services
507 Stokely Drive
DeForest, WI  53532

For U.S. Mail (letters):
Rayovac Consumer Services
P.O. Box 620992
Middleton, WI 53562-0992

Rayovac Products Guarantees

Rechargeables Warranty and Guarantee

Portable Power Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When I was trying to figure out why my device stopped working, I realized I put one of the batteries in backwards. Does your guarantee still apply?

    If the batteries were not inserted properly, the guarantee does not apply.

  • Can I use your alkaline batteries in my device that requires rechargeable NiMH batteries?

    You should only use batteries that the manufacturer of your device recommends. Using the wrong battery in the device can lead to damage and is not covered by our guarantee.

  • I don't have enough of one kind of battery. Can I mix batteries?

    You should never mix batteries. This means not mixing old and new batteries, battery brands, and battery types such as alkaline and rechargeable. It can lead to damage of your device. Our guarantee does not cover this type of mis-use.

  • My batteries are older than the expiration date. They no longer work and/or have damaged a device. Can I send the batteries or device in for a refund or replacement?

    Our guarantee does not cover batteries that are beyond their expiration date or devices that were damaged from batteries that are beyond their expiration date.

  • I just purchased batteries and realized they are already expired. What do I do?

    Return the batteries to the retailer where you purchased them.

  • I tried to charge an alkaline battery in your charger and now the batteries don’t work and neither does the charger. Will you replace them?

    Alkaline batteries that are not intended to be charged, should never be charged. Look for "rechargeable" on the battery and make sure you have the right charger for the type of battery you have.

  • Can I send the device and batteries to you COD?

    We do not accept COD shipments. Send your packages prepaid.

  • Should I leave the batteries in the device when I send them to you?

    Please remove the batteries from the device. Place the batteries in a plastic bag that seals shut. Include both the device and the batteries in the same package.

  • Your lithium battery isn’t lasting as long as I think it should. Can I return it?

    Lithium batteries require special handling. Please contact us before returning.

  • Part of my flashlight broke. Can I just send in that part and get it replaced?

    Unfortunately, we cannot replace just a part of your flashlight. If you’d like to participate in the warranty, the entire flashlight must be returned to us.

  • I really like the flashlight that I have but it stopped working. Can I get the exact model as a replacement?

    Product line improvements are always being made so we cannot guarantee that we can replace your product with the exact same model. If we don’t have that exact model, we’ll match it as closely as we can with the current product.