How Ready Power and Other Technologies Have Surpassed Expectations

Middleton, WI - December 12, 2012

Companies that endure the test of time set standards in innovation that are rarely reproduced. Rayovac®, a worldwide leader in battery power and innovation and a division of Spectrum Brands Holdings (NYSE: SPB), has been producing original and quality products since 1906.

With the recent addition of Ready Power to its alkaline batteries, Rayovac has once again delivered innovative technology to its valued consumers. Ready Power has given new meaning to the term ‘Being Prepared’. Stocking up on Ready Power batteries guarantees the consumer that batteries they put in storage will be fresh for up to 10 years. The additional years of battery freshness have taken being prepared to the tenth degree.

The ability to increase shelf life and improve the overall stability of its alkaline products has further solidified Rayovac’s image as an innovative battery brand that consumers trust. New consumer data has shown that battery shelf life is an element that people are searching for when purchasing an alkaline product. Ready Power provides a 10-year shelf life guarantee that fills the need for a battery that stores easily and can provide fresh power when needed most. The launch of Ready Power has come in direct response to the ongoing consumer demand for longer lasting alkaline batteries such as for audio-video devices, toys and electronic games, home entertainment remote controllers, and flashlights. New product packaging will feature the Ready Power guarantee and the “good until” date will be renewed to reflect the increased shelf life. Creating new and innovative product features such as Ready Power has defined Rayovac as a company that places great emphasis on maintaining contemporary products that fit the needs of the modern consumer.

Promising technology has also come in the form of portable power products. To meet the growing demand of having portable power ‘On-The-Go’, Rayovac has developed multiple products that give mobile devices additional power when the convenience of a nearby outlet is unattainable. It also pays to ‘Be Prepared’ with power on the go in case of emergency. “Rayovac is in the business of serving the consumer,” said Jim Heidenreich, Vice President of North America Sales. “No expense is spared when developing advanced battery technology. Supplying families with another product to aid in their overall preparedness is a security we are happy to provide.”

Rayovac batteries with Ready Power are now available for purchase in stores nationwide.