Do Battery Brands Matter?

Middleton, WI - April 6, 2011

Leading Independent Consumer Groups Test Batteries and Find Those Sold at a Value Perform Just as Well

The old saying, "you get what you pay for" doesn’t ring true when it comes to buying batteries. In fact, just the opposite. According to a study released this week by, alkaline batteries - regardless of brand - deliver the same power and performance making value brands the best bang for the buck.

Rayovac has always offered consumers more power for their money. From pioneering more batteries per pack than other leading brands to offering consistently lower prices, Rayovac is the smart choice for savvy shoppers. Rayovac batteries are backed by decades of industry-standard performance tests which demonstrate the brand's proven performance and reliable power. What's more, this past December, a leading consumer review and rating organization recommended Rayovac AA alkaline batteries as the best value buy, citing savings of up to 71% over competitors.

"At Rayovac, we invest in the latest technologies not national advertising so we can provide consumers the best performing products at the greatest value," said Kent Klagos, Division Vice President, Rayovac.

Shop Smart
When shopping for batteries to power all the electronic gizmos in your house, shop smart by buying value brands such as Rayovac and large packs offering more batteries. In addition, look for sales and use manufacturers' coupons such as those found at

In addition to savvy shopping, try these helpful tips to make your batteries last longer:

  • Fridge Fiction – It's a myth that batteries will last longer if they are stored in the refrigerator. In fact, batteries work best at room temperature. Simply store batteries in a cool, dry – and convenient – room temperature location.
  • Don't Mix – Never mix old and new batteries or mix varieties such as alkaline, lithium, heavy duty or rechargeables as this can lead to battery leakage which could damage your device.
  • Power Off – To extend the life of batteries, be sure to switch toys and devices to the off position when not in use. For devices used less than once a month, remove batteries to avoid the natural, slow drain of power.
  • Seven Year Itch – Batteries have a shelf life of approximately seven years which means buying large value packs makes sense.
  • Safe Storage - When storing batteries be sure they don't touch metal or other batteries as this will drain battery power. Rayovac packaging is specifically designed for easy, safe storage.
  • Rechargeables – Switch to money-saving rechargeable batteries for your high-drain devices such as digital cameras. Rayovac's Platinum Rechargeable batteries may save you $100s making it the most economical choice.