Holiday Deal Seekers: Don’t Forget the Rechargeable Batteries and Charger

Middleton, WI - November 6, 2012

Negative. The dark side. The little minus. We’re not just describing the anatomy of alkaline batteries here. We’re talking condemnations whispered during the holidays about He Who Forgot to Buy Batteries. There’s nothing like a battery-dead Xbox controller sitting next to a new Halo 4 to perturb the masses.

This year, don’t be a holiday party pooper. Be that awesome gift-giver who provides a set and a spare for every digital gadget under your tree. Better yet, shop early & take advantage of Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals. Invest in rechargeable batteries and a charger and we’ll put in a good word for you with Santa. Don’t forget to set aside some batteries for the gadgets that keep the troops from getting restless while waiting on the ham.

What are the best rechargeable batteries? Well, let’s just say Rayovac Platinum Rechargeable Batteries stay charged two to three times longer than standard NiMH rechargeables. To put that in perspective, our AA Platinum rechargeables allow a camera to take 16 times more photos than competitors’ lithium batteries do. You can buy these babies pre-nestled right in their own AA and AAA dual charger for less than 15 smackeroos. Our Portable Back-up Charger is pretty handy, too: It comes fully charged and will keep your MP3, portable gaming devices, cell phones, and digital cameras well-fed as you go over the river and through the woods. You can recharge it hundreds of times.

Rayovac’s got your back with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries and chargers. Actually, our entire site is offering one big, happy sale, and we’re making it last for longer than the extended weekend. Just use the promo code CYBERWEEK and get:

30% off Friday, November 23 through Monday, November 26
25% off Tuesday, November 27 through Wednesday, November 28
15% off Thursday, November 29 through Friday, November 30

Sales end at midnight CST.

Stock up now and stay in the good graces of your friends and loved ones. No negative. No dark side. You won’t again be the little minus who forgot to bring the gadget juice!