Mobile Cell Phone Chargers, Battery Operated LED Lights & More

Middleton, WI - December 1, 2012

As the final sands slip through the hourglass this holiday season, you’ve still got people on your list to shop for, right? Santa knows you’re not being naughty. It’s just so darn hard to find something for everyone. Well, we’ve got some ideas to help you—from that mobile cell phone charger your sweetheart wants to the batteries half the gifts under the tree will need.

Here’s an idea! Everyone loves a good gift basket. The Rayovac version of a gift basket is one powerful bundle: Our camping bundle—flashlight, mini-lantern, and headlight—is ideal for the backpacker on your list. For kids who love sleepovers, go for our party favor bundle, with a glow-in-the-dark flashlight, battery operated LED compact pocket light, and magnetized multi-colored party light that flashes in alternating colors. You could always make a bundle of your own design. Rather than try to find that one perfect thing nobody else thought of, pull together a handful of items that relate to a certain theme:

Bookworm: reading light or lighted reading glasses, bookmark, personalized bookplates Gamer: controller add-ons (like Speed Freek), charging station, gift card for games Business-traveler: mobile cell phone charger, handheld luggage scale, sleep mask When purchasing battery-operated items, make sure to remember the batteries, preferably rechargeable ones (the gift that keeps on giving!). What are the best rechargeable batteries? For high-drain tools and toys, go for our Platinum rechargeables. For everyday use, our Ready-to-use Easy Charger is plenty. Hovering around $10, these are an affordable must! Guess what? A little more sand slipped through the hourglass while you were reading this. No worries. You can keep coal out of your stocking by finishing up your last-minute shopping today!