Must-Have Technology Accessories For Back-To-School

Middleton, WI - August 15, 2012

College kids to kindergartners increasingly use technology to learn and to connect with family and friends during the school year. Desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones are becoming indispensable tools in the classroom, living room and dorm room. Here are some accessories to help you get the most value out of these technologies.

On-The-Go Charger
Mobile phones are great for connecting to the Internet, texting and playing games. But what happens when your child needs to use a mobile phone in an emergency and it’s dead? Ensure there’s always a dial tone with a portable power charger. The On-The-Go Charger instantly powers any Apple or micro-USB device for an additional 45 minutes of talk time. It can be conveniently stored on a keychain, in a backpack or in a purse.

Cases, Covers and Screen Shields
Avoid expensive repairs and replacements with cases and covers for smartphones, laptops and tablets. Send your kids to school in style with this clever Composition Notebook iPad Folio and matching iPhone case from Kate Spade New York. Add an inexpensive screen shield to protect against scratches, dust, smudges and glare.

Wireless Keyboards
Wireless keyboards are essential if your student plans to do a lot of typing on a tablet. They’re also a flexible option for desktops. Two picks are the Apple Wireless Keyboard for the Mac and iPad and the Logitech Tablet Keyboard for both iPad and Android tablets. Make sure you include a supply of the best rechargeable batteries you can find for high-drain tools like the wireless keyboards. Using rechargeable batteries keeps disposable batteries out of the landfill and saves you money. The best rechargeable batteries are pre-charged, ready to use right out of the pack and reusable hundreds of times.