New Battery Design & Packaging Reinvigorates The Rayovac Brand

Middleton, WI - February 7, 2014

Rayovac®, the battery brand known for lasting long and costing less broke out the designer pen and delivered a fresh new look to both its battery design and packaging. The masterful new design revitalizes one of the most recognizable household products in the world with sleeker lines and eye-catching colors.

Catering to the visual senses, Rayovac’s new battery design pops off the shelves using vibrant colors and stunning metallic finishes. Evolving elements from the previous package, the overall design accurately represents the company that is leading the industry in delivering the highest quality battery at the lowest competitive price.

“The central element of our new design is our logo - an icon that radiates energy and vitality while embodying the brand’s holistic sensibility,” said David Carlson, Creative Director for Rayovac. “The refreshed look and feel of the improved Rayovac identity reinforces the lighthearted, healthy and sustainable positioning of the brand.”

Whenever a brand as prominent as Rayovac makes a drastic change to its flagship product, extensive research is paramount. Focus groups and other avenues of marketing research alerted the Rayovac team that consumers feel renewed and invigorated when purchasing products with an updated design.

Setting forth to create a more detailed packaging design; talented in-house designers conveyed the feeling of power and energy when making the visual transformation. With improved visibility as the main focus, original eye-catching graphics were used to illustrate the bold changes.

“Household batteries often times lack a desirable palette of color,” stated Harrison Smiddy, Director of Rayovac Product Marketing. “The updated colors correctly represent the innovative formula found in a Rayovac battery.”

Appealing to both young and old, the completed redesign has transformed Rayovac into a more cohesive brand. Multiple vendors that carry the Rayovac brand have supported the design change and report positive feedback from consumers. The new battery design secretly reveals its power welcoming you in to try it, with vibrant high-energy color.

David Carlson added, “The new design radically overhauls the current design and focuses on embodying the emotional values of the Rayovac brand. These values are based on a robust and exciting promise of offering real-world solutions to those who want to make the best of everyday moments.”

Remnants of the old design still linger as battery shipments arrive and the new design slowly replaces the old in stores around the nation. Rayovac may have changed its look, but it still provides the American-made power that consumers know and have trusted since 1906.

About Rayovac Rayovac is a worldwide leader in battery power and innovation. Backed by a long history of bringing the latest innovations to the marketplace, Rayovac offers a full range of high-performance batteries to meet the power needs of today’s consumers. From long-lasting alkaline batteries to advanced green rechargeable technology to the world’s top-selling, longest lasting mercury free hearing aid battery, Rayovac’s state-of-the-art products offer more power for the money. The company also manufactures a wide selection of high-quality flashlights. For more information, visit