No Cords, No Outlets, No Electricity: Spectrum Brands’ Rayovac® Division Redefines the Mobile Charging Device Category with Launch of 2-Hour Power Product

Middleton, WI - July 18, 2013

Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:SPB), a global consumer products company with market-leading brands, announced today that its Rayovac battery division has launched its highly anticipated new line of portable charging products that will redefine the category.

Headlining the group is the Rayovac 2-Hour Power mobile charging device, which has a shelf life of 10 years, and provides instant power to Apple and Micro USB mobile devices. Other new products released are the 7-Hour Back-Up Power Pack, the Phone Boost Keychain Charger and portable USB Car & Wall Chargers.

All of the products in Rayovac’s new line feature sleek compact designs, making each device small enough for storage in purses, briefcases and backpacks. Complete with long lasting power storage, enhanced portability and the absence of charging cords, these devices rely solely on the Rayovac batteries that consumers know and trust -- no cords, no outlets, no electricity!

“In this age of new technology, it’s clear consumers need superior on-the-go power to keep their mobile devices charged and ready at a moment’s notice,” said Jim Heidenreich, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Global Batteries. “To provide this important power need, we’ve developed a first-of-a-kind line of portable chargers, each designed to help consumers stay connected via their most important devices.”

What makes these Rayovac chargers so unique is their ability to use an alternative source of power when charging a mobile device. Therein lies 2-Hour Power’s masterful innovation: the ability to use trusted battery power as opposed to relying on an outlet.

The Rayovac 2-Hour Power comes ready-to-use and provides a mobile phone with two additional hours of talk time. The 7-Hour Power gives a mobile phone a full 100% charge with just four Rayovac AA batteries. Having eliminated the outlet from the charging equation, Rayovac has successfully created new portable charging products that can rescue any mobile device from a dead battery.

Receiving a boost of power from a battery rather than an outlet certainly has its advantages. Rayovac’s 10-year power guarantee is assurance that the batteries in the charger have a decade’s worth of reliable power. 2-Hour Power and 7-Hour Power become must-haves for times when electricity suddenly becomes unavailable.

“With the development of 2-Hour Power and our family of other portable charging products, we’ve responded to unmet consumer needs by creating affordable, must-have accessories for the mobile device user,” stated Harrison Smiddy, Senior Director of Rayovac Product Marketing. “The all-in-one capability that these chargers deliver has taken convenience to a whole new level. Instant mobile power is now a reality that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.” The global launch of 2-Hour Power and 7-Hour Power starts in North America and Latin America this summer with an additional launch in Europe under the Varta brand this fall.