No Incantations Needed: 6 Simple Safety Tips for a Curse-Free Halloween

Middleton, WI - November 2, 2012

Are you ready for your annual urban nighttime hike, complete with candy pit stops? Trick-or-treating is a childhood rite of passage, one of the few that’s enjoyed well beyond elementary school. What’s in your supply kit? Fake blood and vampire fangs? A light saber and a cape? How about battery operated LED lights, rechargeable batteries and charger (oh my!)? These may not be the first items you might think to bring, but a little forethought can go a long way towards a carefree night. Here are 6 tips for a safe and happy Halloween:

  1. Choose costumes wisely. Comfortable walking shoes are a must. Masks should be well fitted to allow for clear sightlines and hems need to be kept off the ground. Use reflective tape to improve a costume's visibility. Make sure accessories—from broomsticks to pirate swords—are easy to carry and are not included in any sugar- charged roughhousing.
  2. Have your camera ready. If you own rechargeable batteries and a charger, keep pre-charged batteries on hand. What are the best rechargeable batteries for your money? Rayovac's rechargeables take up to 300 photos per charge (8x more than competitors’ lithium batteries).
  3. Plan a pit stop. Pit stops are necessary for all ages. Plan ahead where and when to stop for a bathroom break, drink, minor costume repair or a quick charge of your digital camera or cell phone. Rayovac’s On-the-Go charger easily fits into your pocket so there’s no need to drag along cords.
  4. Stay in groups. Make sure that older children stick together and have an agreed-upon route. Remember that it’s always a good idea to send flashlights with your children. No kid wants to face a makeshift spook house without a trusty flashlight!
  5. Use battery-operated LED lights for fun and safety. Rayovac’s indestructible LED lights can stand up to most any challenge and will keep the path lit all night long. From multicolored glow sticks to glow-in-the-dark flashlights, we have a wide assortment of battery-operated LED lights that can add a spooky or colorful flavor to any costume.
  6. Inspect the candy. Before kids dig in, look for damaged wrappers or suspicious items. If kids can't wait until they get home, keep one of our battery-operated LED flashlights on your keychain to do on-the-spot checks.