Rayovac & The Environment: The Quest For Sustainability

Middleton, WI - January 28, 2013

Here at Rayovac, we take the idea of sustainability very seriously. It’s not a term we use to impress shareholders; it’s a philosophy our company and employees willingly embrace. For some time now, Rayovac has made the effort to increase its focus on the benefits of recycling and integrating the practices associated with sustainability.

To define sustainability is not as simple as one may think. Environmental sustainability covers a wide range of topics from protecting the environment to preserving our health as human beings. Endorsing a sustainable lifestyle means more that just encouraging others to live within their means. It also advocates preserving our natural resources and maintaining the environment, so future generations can experience the wonders of Mother Nature just as we have.

Rayovac is glad to be a member of the ‘green movement’ that has recently taken the world by storm. Mercury-Free products including our alkaline and hearing aid batteries have lead the way in cutting-edge green technology. It was important to get rid of all mercury in the battery for hearing aid because of its close proximity to the human ear. The overall elimination of mercury from our products has made them safer for human use and friendlier to the environment. We are also proud sponsors of the Joy Trip Project, a popular online blog that shares our interests on various topics including environmental conservation, acts of charitable giving and the practices of sustainable living. When fans of Rayovac and the JTP unite, the message of living a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle becomes infectious. This is one way that we inform the public that everyone can play a significant role in protecting the environment.

Some companies boast about going green and being sustainable but do not deliver the tangible results. We are proud to have created numerous reduce and recycle initiatives that have led to over 90% of waste generated being recycled. While those results speak for themselves, it is our job to strive for more and never give up on our future goal of protecting the precious environment in which we live. Rayovac’s quest for sustainability has only just begun.