National and Regional Winners Recognized for Role in Advancing Hearing Health

Middleton, WI - November 29, 2011

Six of the nation’s top hearing professionals have been recognized by Rayovac® for dedication to excellence in caring for their patients and their work in the hearing health industry.

Scot Frink of Salem, OR was named the 2011 National Hearing Professional of the Year by Rayovac. Frink, who was a regional winner in 2010, has continued to dedicate himself to his patients and his practice, and to the industry, which earned him the national title for 2011. Other regional winners include:

  • Dr. Audie Woolley, Birmingham, AL
  • Lori Ausperk, Cleveland, OH
  • Dr. Katie Harrington, NH
  • Terri Daffron, Modesto, CS
  • Dr. Erica Smith, Leavenworth, KS

Begun by Rayovac in 2010, The Hearing Professional of the Year award aims to recognize the difference hearing professionals have made in the lives of others. The competition encourages patients to celebrate the skills of their hearing professional by nominating them as best in their field. Each winner received outstanding nominations, which clearly demonstrated the winners’ dedication to delivering outstanding care and overall enthusiasm for their profession.

A $500 donation will be made by Rayovac in the name of each regional winner to a charity of their choice. As the national winner, an additional $1,000, or $1,500 in total, will be donated in Frink’s name. The benefiting charities include Healing the Children, Alabama School for Hearing, the Millridge Center PTG Hearing Aid Fund, the Loop New Hampshire Project, the McHenry Museum Acquisition Fund, and the KS School for the Deaf.

“The dedication these professionals have to their patients and their work is unparalleled,” said Ann Rule, Senior Brand Manager for Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries. “It’s clear from the nominations we received that they are revered and respected not only for the impact they have on their patients’ hearing health, but also for what they have accomplished in the name of advancing hearing health.”

2012 Hearing Professional of the Year Award
Rayovac, manufacturer of the world’s longest lasting, mercury-free hearing aid battery, is kicking off its 2012 Hearing Professional of the Year contest in January 2012. The independent award program encourages patients to nominate their hearing care professional. Entries can be submitted from January 2, 2012 through September 30, 2012. Visit to learn more.