Rayovac® Battery Division Announces Ready Power Technology Advancement

Middleton, WI - November 7, 2012

Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SPB), a diversified and global consumer products company with market-leading brands, announced today that its Rayovac® North American division will be launching its new Ready Power technology. Seizing another opportunity to enhance its products, Rayovac®, a worldwide leader in battery power and innovation, has invested to develop Ready Power and its breakthrough technology.

Rayovac batteries with Ready Power will far exceed the 7-year shelf life of previous batteries and are now guaranteed to stay fresh for up to 10 years. Multiple improvements in the construction and materials of Rayovac batteries have created a more durable alkaline product that holds power longer.

By utilizing this new technology to increase the shelf life of its alkaline batteries, Rayovac has given consumers yet another reason to buy its products. Ready Power is essentially a guarantee that consumers will always have power when they need it most. Whether you rely on batteries to power your household devices or just stock up on them for a rainy day, Ready Power’s up to 10-year guarantee is assurance that you will always have power you can rely on.

“The addition of Ready Power to our alkaline products was an easy choice,” said Jim Heidenreich, Vice President of North America Sales. “Making continuous improvements to all of our products has proven to be successful. Providing consumers with the value they expect has been a motto we have embraced since 1906.”

Ready Power has made its debut as a result of significant advances in Rayovac’s alkaline battery technology. Several breakthrough product advancements have led to the development of Ready Power. They include numerous advances to help control the internal stability of the battery including improved electrolyte utilization, refined corrosion inhibitors, and the use of ultra-pure materials for long-term stability. The battery closure has also been made more robust, creating a tighter seal for maximum reliability. Alkaline products with Ready Power will also receive an updated packaging design to accompany the technological enhancements.

“Innovation in battery technology is what we strive for,” said Heidenreich. “With the addition of Ready Power, Rayovac has once again proved to consumers that it is the clear-cut choice for performance, quality and value among battery brands.”