On The Shelves & In The News; The Virtually Indestructible Spotlight & Virtually Indestructible Lantern Make Their Awaited Debut

Middleton, WI - March 28, 2014

Rayovac®, a worldwide leader in battery power and innovation has announced that two new products will be joining the virtually indestructible family of lights. Boasting innovative new designs and unparalleled technology, Rayovac has broadened its reach by enhancing its current series with the introduction of the Virtually Indestructible Spotlight and the Virtually Indestructible Lantern.

Celebrating 100 years as a leading brand in the portable lighting marketplace, Rayovac relies on rich history to develop new and innovative products that hit the mark time and time again. The all-new spotlight and lantern transcend any similar items in the lighting space offering levels of brightness, durability and value that are unmatched. Complete with a lifetime warranty, Rayovac's Virtually Indestructible Spotlight and Lantern withstand drops of up to 15 feet. Rugged and durable, these lights are water resistant and achieve up to 500 lumens of extreme brightness.

"We're proud to offer our customers a pair of new products that accommodate a specific niche in their lighting needs," said Harrison Smiddy, Senior Director of Global Product Marketing at Rayovac. "The Virtually Indestructible lighting series needed a shot in the arm which was accomplished by adding these brand new lights. The product line is now more dynamic, outputting more lumens and offering more applications for outdoor activities."

The Virtually Indestructible Spotlight is a must-have for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing and hunting. This multi-use lighting device offers three brightness modes: high, medium or low and provides 500 lumens. Completely submersible, the virtually indestructible spotlight can be submerged into one meter of water and remain waterproof for up to 30 minutes. The spotlight comes with six AA alkaline batteries, which provide a 10-hour runtime capable of keeping up with users, no matter the application. Complete with a lifetime warranty, Rayovac's Virtually Indestructible Spotlight has an MSRP of $39.99.

The Virtually Indestructible Lantern is the perfect companion for the outdoor enthusiast. The 400 Lumen High Performance LED can be placed into three brightness modes: high, medium or low. Running on three D alkaline batteries, this lantern has up to a 280-hour battery runtime, providing a long-lasting and reliable source of light for any outdoor application. The compact design and convenient handle allow for easy use while the shatterproof lens and reflector make this product virtually indestructible. Complete with a lifetime warranty, Rayovac's Virtually Indestructible Lantern has an MSRP of $29.99.

"What sets the Rayovac lighting series apart from similar products is the value, coupled with the high level of lumens achieved by each light. Additionally, we’ve become a top player in the market by offering products with the virtually indestructible claim," said Smiddy. "Most competitors claim drop-tests of 3 feet for their flashlights. But Rayovac breaks the norm, outperforming in tests of durability with drops up to 30 feet, proving their rugged build and dependable nature."

Rayovac's Virtually Indestructible Lighting series includes flashlights, headlights, lanterns and spotlights in both a Sportsman line and an Industrial Grade line.