Rayovac® Finds Success At TomorrowWorld Music Festival

Middleton, WI - October 22, 2013

Concertgoers Raving About New Portable Power Products

Bidding farewell to the final days of summer, music lovers from across the nation gathered on the hills of rural Georgia for a music festival of epic proportions. Raging on for an entire 4-day weekend, the TomorrowWorld Music Festival afforded Rayovac, a worldwide leader in battery power and innovation, the opportunity to showcase its new portable power product line.

The TomorrowWorld Music Festival, little brother to the larger European festival Tomorrowland, occurs annually on 500 open acres of breathtaking Georgia land. TomorrowWorld has made the move across the Atlantic becoming the first international predecessor of Tomorrowland, an urban concert showcasing popular electronic music from around the world.

As thundering bass and melodic beats filled the crisp Georgia air, concertgoers of all ages found themselves on the verge of battery extinction - thirsty for mobile power. The need for mobile power is a unique dilemma that goes hand-in-hand with the new-age concert experience. The number of outlets found at the average concert venue is alarmingly low and simply not enough to satisfy the substantial cravings for mobile power. Recognizing this problem, Rayovac took up residence in the Dreamville Marketplace; erecting a “Portable Power” storefront that provided concertgoers with on-the-go power for their mobile devices.

Since their highly anticipated 2013 release, Rayovac’s innovative portable power products continue to amaze mobile device users across the nation. The idea behind portable power is simple: mobile devices can be charged on the go using battery power as opposed to an outlet. The revolutionary 2-Hour Power comes ready-to-use and provides a mobile phone with two additional hours of talk time, just what the doctor ordered to cure a dying phone battery. The innovative 7-Hour Power gives a mobile phone a full 100% charge with just four Rayovac batteries. So, can you guess who stole the show? Rayovac portable power – perfect for on the go!

"Smart phones are frequently used at music festivals for pictures, videos, and social media," said Lynne Jeffery, a Rayovac employee who attended the festival. "The demand for portable power products like the 2 and 7 Hour Power was extremely high all weekend long. After talking with numerous people about the product, their response has been along the lines of: 'How can I invest in this idea?' and calling it 'Brilliant' or 'Why didn't I think of this?'" United by the inability to find reliable power via outlet, concertgoers were impressed by the new Rayovac products that provided a helpful solution. Rayovac successfully created a laid-back environment where people could come to charge their cell phones and relax their bodies. Being the only vendor that caters specifically to portable power for 60,000+ concertgoers, word of mouth soon took over and the Rayovac storefront quickly flooded with people clamoring for mobile power. Multiple high-end vendors set up shop in the Dreamville Marketplace but none enjoyed the overwhelming success and incredible sales numbers that Rayovac tallied over the long weekend. "Rayovac has a long history of connecting with the younger generation," said Kent Klagos, Vice President of North America Sales. "They like to buy quality batteries that last as long and cost less, but also want reasonably priced tech products like portable power that are specifically designed to make life easier."