Rayovac Honors National Battery Day February 18th!

Middleton, WI - February 14, 2011

Rayovac Offers Contest and Fun Facts About Batteries.

Madison, WIS. February 14, 2011, – National Battery Day is coming up at the end of this week! We use this day as a time to celebrate batteries and how they make our daily lives easier. Imagine what life would be without batteries! Would we still be relying on landlines, arcade games and extension cords? All of the luxuries in our daily lives wouldn’t be possible without the portable batteries we now take for granted.

National Battery Day Challenge:
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go a full year without purchasing a single battery? In honor of National Battery Day, Rayovac is powering up your year by providing 3 one-year supplies of Rayovac batteries that includes alkaline, rechargeable and lithium batteries! Rayovac’s National Battery Day Challenge will run from Monday, February 14th through Friday, February 18th simply visit http://www.facebook.com/Rayovac for information on how you can be one of the lucky winner.

Helpful Battery Tips
Is your fridge cramped because you are still keeping your batteries in the refrigerator? We have good news, you can use that space for produce – batteries do not last longer when kept in the fridge. Also be careful not to store them in a really hot place like your car. With a 7-year shelf life at room temperature, who needs them to last any longer? Ever find yourself sitting on the couch pounding your remote control to try and change the channel? The buttons don’t seem as sensitive? Try replacing the batteries – often times they’re just getting old! Other battery tips include:

  • You should never mix used and new batteries in your devices because it could cause the batteries to leak. This happens when a device tries to pull power from a “dead” battery for an extended period of time – it’s worse with higher drain devices.
  • Do not mix Alkaline, Heavy Duty, or Rechargeable batteries in your devices. This can cause the batteries to leak, and reduce the service life.
  • Before you throw away batteries that you think are dead, check to see if they have been inserted correctly, and follow the instructions on your device, making sure that the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals of each battery are aligned properly.
  • When storing batteries, keep them in a cool, dry location and in their original package until you are ready to use them!
  • Do not leave battery powered devices switched "on" after the batteries are exhausted; battery leakage may occur.