Middleton, WI - April 11, 2012

Low-cost alternative to lithium and rechargeable batteries, lasts as long as Duracell Ultra Power, costs less.

It can be difficult to keep high-drain devices such as digital cameras running. Technology today drains batteries faster than ever, and it can be tough finding the right match. Lithium batteries, while they often times last longer than regular alkaline batteries, are expensive.

That’s where Rayovac’s new Advanced High Energy alkaline batteries come in. German-engineered for high performance in high-drain devices, these batteries are high in performance and low in cost. With the Rayovac name, you know they’re a quality battery you can trust to last. These batteries last up to 30% longer than Energizer Max® in digital cameras. In addition, they last as long as Duracell® Ultra Power – but for almost 20% less.

Rayovac utilizes American National Standards Institute (“ANSI”) testing protocol to conduct performance testing. This ensures the most accurate testing of performance possible wherever choosing to use Advanced High Energy batteries – digital cameras, mp3 players, video game controllers or LED Flashlights.

“The new Advanced High Energy line showcases our customer-first approach,” said David Carlson, Director of Marketing Communications for Rayovac. “Advanced High Energy Batteries demonstrate the exceptional performance, value and reliability of the Rayovac brand.” Rayovac AA and AAA High Energy batteries will be available at Walmart starting April 23rd, 2012.