Rayovac Introduces New Lithium Ion Mobile Device Charger

Middleton, WI - September 27, 2011

Rayovac Brings Power on the Go with New Platinum Rechargeable Power Pack

Energy when and where you need it most with the Rayovac Platinum Rechargeable Power Pack. Never be caught on the go without power again. Plug your devices into the Power Pack and get another 6 hours of talk or play time. Now that’s smart.

Stylishly designed in white and with a comprehensive adapter kit, the new Platinum Rechargeable Power Pack is a complete and innovative solution for portable high-tech devices. There is nothing more irritating than when your mobile phone battery dies without warning or your mp3 player plays nothing but silence, and you’re left with no choice but to wait until you get home to recharge.

Rayovac can now guarantee that you will never be left searching for power again with a complete, professional and portable solution offering the highest levels of flexibility anywhere in the world. The stylish charger, following mobile phone design cues, is well prepared for unwelcome surprises.

The handy device is no bigger than your cell phone; small enough to take with you anywhere, but large enough that you won’t lose it in your car or purse. Three hours of recharging the Power Pack by USB or outlet, and it’s ready to give your gadgets an extra 6 hours of use. And it comes with the adapters you need to charge them all: Micro USB, Mini USB, and Apple devices. With its 800-mAh internal Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, you can charge your MP3 Player three times on just one recharge of the Power Pack.

The colored LEDs on the Power Pack will tell you when it’s all charged up. Red indicates that the device is charging, green lights informs you when your unit is completely charged and the blue lights indicate the Power Pack’s battery life. Never be left worrying about how much talk or play time you have again!

The Power Pack is especially useful on vacations and trips away from home and a reliable source of power. Handheld devices are among the first things we pack when going away, and we always want to be able to count on them. Keep the Power Pack in your travel bag so you’ll never miss the perfect snapshot or call from your loved one due to a dead battery. With such a quick charge time and long battery life, the Power Pack is the ideal travelling companion.

“The Power Pack will give people the peace of mind to know they will never be without power and allow them to focus on enjoying their vacation or simply getting their work done. It’s brilliant,” said David Carlson, Director of Marketing Communications for Rayovac.