Rayovac Launches FUSION The Pinnacle of Alkaline Battery Technology

Middleton, WI - February 3, 2015

Elite Performance Pairs With A Supercharged Formula

Rayovac, a worldwide leader in battery power and innovation, is celebrating the launch of FUSION, its highest-performing alkaline battery to date. This powerful battery features elite performance while lasting 35% longer than Energizer Max*. Rayovac’s new FUSION is developed to meet the increasing power demands of the “Always On” consumer.

"Rayovac’s FUSION delivers our most cutting-edge alkaline battery technology to the consumer at a compelling price," said Dennis Sullivan, Vice President, Rayovac Marketing. "The ‘Always On’ consumer lifestyle and its connectivity needs provide the power behind our launch plan. Exciting programming, a high-value sweepstakes and national media support surrounds FUSION’s introduction into the marketplace. Now that’s powerful stuff!"

Made in Fennimore, Wisconsin, Rayovac’s FUSION features an innovative new slim seal technology and optimized chemistry, which increases battery performance. With an improved energy-dense formula, FUSION is Rayovac’s longest-lasting battery ever. *Performance is based upon AA size batteries in digital cameras. FUSION will be available for purchase both online and at retail stores nationwide. Visit www.rayovac.com for more information.