Rayovac Offers Helpful Top Toys Battery Guide So Santa Doesn't Forget the Batteries

Middleton, WI - December 9, 2010

'Tis The Tech Season For Holiday Gifts

This holiday season, there will be lots of tech toys and gadgets under the tree. Keeping all those battery-hungry gizmos powered up can be tricky. You've made the list and even checked it twice, but did you forget the batteries?

According to the Rayovac Holiday Habits survey, 65 percent of respondents have forgotten to get batteries for holiday toys and gifts. In fact, a frantic 59 percent have had to make a mad dash to the store for batteries on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Sadly, another 31 percent have had joy turn to tears when a gift didn't have batteries on Christmas morning. Don't be left powerless this year.

To help parents avoid that last minute dash and Christmas morning disasters, Rayovac has created the handy Top Toys Battery Guide. Available at rayovac.com the printable guide ensures you have the right batteries on hand for the gifts topping wish lists this season. The informative, easy-to-read chart lists more than 20 of the hottest toys along with the number and size batteries needed for each.

"With so many battery-operated toys topping wish lists, Rayovac's Top Toys Battery Guide is really helpful," says Kent Klagos, division vice president, Rayovac marketing. "No need to dig out those hidden gifts to determine what batteries are needed. Simply visit rayovac.com, print the guide and pick up the power you need."

Super Stocking Stuffers When getting trinkets and candy to fill those stockings hanging by the chimney with care - think refills. Batteries make the perfect stocking stuffer to power all your electronic devices well into the New Year. According to the Rayovac Holiday Habits survey, 91 percent of moms will purchase battery-operated toys and gadgets this year which translates into lots of batteries. To get more battery for your buck, look for Rayovac batteries which are proven to last as long as other brands but cost an average of 30 percent less.

The Rayovac Holiday Habits survey unwrapped other interesting findings, including:

  • Hol-i-daze – Thirty-three percent of moms say they spend more than one month shopping for presents. The majority (58 percent) will spend less on gifts this year with 41 percent predicting they'll purchase 4-6 gifts per child.
  • Whatever it Takes - An impressive 80 percent of moms declare they will do what it takes to get the gifts topping wish lists. Sixty percent concede they plan to fulfill the majority of their kids' gift list wishes.
  • Time is Money – To get the gifts on the list, moms will spend time driving to multiple stores (90 percent), scouring the internet (96 percent) and driving long distances – perhaps across state lines (73 percent).
  • Tick-Tock - Nearly one-quarter (23 percent) of respondents will spend more than 60 hours preparing for Christmas.
  • Powerful – Sixty-four percent of respondents say they will use batteries as stocking stuffers this year.

Visit rayovac.com for a host of other holiday tips and tools, like the Top Toy Battery Guide, to power through the holiday.