The True Meaning of Guarantee; Working Behind the Scenes

Middleton, WI - July 17, 2014

Rayovac, a dependable brand that provides high-quality products to consumers worldwide, knows all too well the importance of a guarantee. Defining the word guarantee is no easy task, but Rayovac welcomes the challenge offering a consumer protection plan rivaled by no other competitor in the battery space.

Rayovac has a long history of providing quality products to a variety of consumers, allowing them to enjoy the craftsmanship of a Rayovac product without having to worry about the absence of a warranty if a quality issue arises. Making consumer protection a number one priority, Rayovac realizes that without satisfied customers the company would not be where it is today.

Companies that manufacture household goods have long been offering various forms of consumer protection from all-encompassing warranties to simplified returns. Product guarantees differ depending on the attitude of the organization and their specific protection policy. With a commitment to product excellence, Rayovac offers a warranty program that places direct focus on consumer protection.

The most important factor when crafting a meaningful guarantee is manufacturing a product that lead’s the industry in quality and technical innovation. A Rayovac guarantee is offered for a specific reason: Rayovac products will outperform the other big-name competitors. Consumers make a significant investment each year in devices that use alkaline batteries as a direct power source. When choosing Rayovac, device protection is one less thing they have to worry about. Technology enthusiast, Justin Green from Michigan uses electronic devices more frequently than the average consumer so when he needed new batteries he looked no further than the Rayovac brand. "I wanted a battery that would protect my devices at all costs," said Justin. "There’s no other brand that offers guaranteed protection like Rayovac."

Justin can now rest easy knowing his most important tech devices have a power protection guarantee, further enhanced by Rayovac’s new Ready Power technology. "Rayovac is a smart investment for anyone who cherishes their tech devices like me," he said.

To supplement a generous guarantee, Rayovac uses advancements in battery technology as the icing on the cake. There’s no need to advertise the guarantee – it acts as a safeguard offering the consumer advanced, behind the scenes protection. Instead, Rayovac focuses on strengthening their product quality, which makes the guarantee a welcoming afterthought, only there in case you need it.

Advances in alkaline battery technology led to the creation of Rayovac’s newly advanced formula, Ready Power. Thanks to Ready Power, quality complaints are at an all time low and the storage of alkaline battery power has grown by leaps and bounds. Multiple improvements in the construction and materials of Rayovac batteries have resulted in a more durable product that holds power longer.

A dedicated consumer services team is available to answer any questions pertaining to the Rayovac guarantee. The team has a strong belief that Rayovac products offer superior quality and the guarantee serves as a final safeguard offering added protection to the Rayovac consumer. Rayovac notes that while it’s important to have a warranty, those who rely on batteries to power their tech devices have to exercise due diligence, replacing the batteries in a timely manner.

Need protection for your favorite tech devices? Look no further than Rayovac brand. For more information about our industry-leading guarantee please visit: