Rayovac® Partners with Mossy Oak® Releasing Virtually Indestructible Camouflage Flashlight

Middleton, WI - October 10, 2013

Outdoor Enthusiasts Celebrate the Latest Upgrade in Tactical Style

Rayovac®, a worldwide leader in battery power and innovation has joined forces with Mossy Oak® to develop a camouflaged version of the virtually indestructible flashlight. Featuring Mossy Oak’s patented Break-Up Infinity design, the Indestructible Camo Light catches the eye of the outdoor enthusiast while incorporating the same durable technology possessed by every light in the Rayovac Indestructible series.

Designed to blend in with the best in flashlight technology, the Camo Edition of the indestructible flashlight combines extreme durability with a splash of camouflage color. Equipped with a rugged aluminum-titanium body, the durability factor of the Indestructible Camo Light is off the charts. Rigorous testing of the flashlight’s internal engineering has resulted in superior impact-resistant technology. The Camo Light validates its durability with a 30 foot ANSI FL1 drop test rating.

Each light in the indestructible series has been designed to achieve consumers’ 3 most-wanted attributes: Brightness, Durability and Value. In reference to brightness, 120 powerful lumens are emitted from the shatterproof lens. And with a lifetime warranty, each flashlight is guaranteed to last and provide quality performance at an incredible value.

As the name of the light suggests, the Indestructible Camo Light evokes excitement from camouflage junkies worldwide. True fans of camouflage can easily distinguish the patented Mossy Oak® design from other lesser-known brands. For those who participate in outdoor activities like hunting and fishing, bringing multiple camouflage items has become a necessity. Worthy of a trip outdoors, the Indestructible Camo Light provides consumers with yet another high-quality camouflage accessory.

“Sporting a camouflaged version of the Virtually Indestructible Flashlight is more than just a fashion statement,” said Harrison Smiddy, Director of Product Marketing for Rayovac. “Consumers of Rayovac lights are looking for innovative products that are still quality made. Enhancing the indestructible line of lights with a unique camouflaged exterior provides outdoor enthusiasts with both a trendy and tactical flashlight upgrade.”

To learn more about the Indestructible Camo Light please visit: https://www.facebook.com/Rayovac