Industry-leading reliability and innovation a key focus at recent AudiologyNOW! 2014 convention

Middleton, WI - May 8, 2014

Rayovac®, the world’s #1 selling hearing aid battery brand, announced new developments to its ProLine Advanced batteries at the recent AudiologyNOW! conference in Orlando, Florida. Proudly the longest lasting mercury free hearing aid battery brand, Rayovac is committed to make the best hearing aid battery even better.

"As the market leader, it's our mission to ensure that our battery technology developments support the innovations that are planned for hearing instruments at the pace required by the market," said Ann Rule, Director of Marketing, Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries. "Today's batteries are the best we've ever made in terms of supporting the increased current requirements of today's sophisticated devices, while having battery life that is superior to competition."

Rayovac's new, optimized mechanical design and manufacturing processes better equip the batteries to handle the high demands of today's hearing instruments by providing stable power in high-demand circumstances such as wireless applications. In addition, Rayovac's technology roadmap continues to focus on meeting the increasing demands of future hearing instruments.

"The hearing instrument industry is moving at an incredible pace. We've seen advanced features and new technologies going into hearing aids that truly improve the hearing aid wearer's quality of life. That being said, these improvements place high demands on batteries." said Rule. "Our technology roadmaps call for a continuous stream of improvements to ensure the industry can continue to advance the types of high value-added technologies, features and benefits that consumers want in contemporary hearing aids."

Rayovac continues to make multi-million dollar investments year on year to enhance the performance capabilities of its hearing aid batteries to best serve a market that continues to push the limits of technology.

"It’s a huge challenge and we will continue to invest in our R&D and manufacturing facilities to ensure our position as the industry leader in terms of performance, reliability and innovation," said Rule.

Rayovac also unveiled enhancements to their ProLine imprint program to AudiologyNOW! conference attendees. Coming summer of 2014, hearing professionals will have the exclusive opportunity to print their logo and/or office information in full color on every card. This enhanced process ensures premium branding for practices.