Rayovac Twitter Party Trends Worldwide; Claims Top Spot in the U.S.

Middleton, WI - June 26, 2013

Only a week has expired since the social media world opened their Twitter accounts and witnessed a party unlike any other. For an unprecedented 2 Hours, Rayovac celebrated the prepared lifestyle by throwing a classy online shindig. The Protect Your Power Twitter Party gave loyal followers a chance to win their very own 2 Hour Power. Word of this party quickly spread throughout the Twitterverse after #rayovac became the #1 trending topic in the U.S.

On Tuesday – June 18th, 2013 – fans from all over the U.S. gathered on Twitter for a party filled with trivia and giveaways. Rayovac encouraged fans to protect their power by keeping multiple power products in their home in case of emergency. With recent severe weather wreaking havoc across the U.S., it’s no wonder fans were so interested in protecting their power. Rayovac’s new portable power products are the perfect addition to any storm preparedness kit as they provide much-needed power to a variety of mobile devices when absent an outlet or when the power goes out.

It’s no coincidence that the party’s star product [2 Hour Power] mimicked the party’s duration. Numerous preparedness-related questions were asked of the party guests during the 2-hour span, reminding them that in a mere 30-45 minutes, 2 Hour Power can give their mobile device an extra 2 hours of talk time. Fans were naturally excited about the 2 Hour Power’s unique ability to charge their devices using a battery instead of an outlet. The excitement of extra mobile power culminated with a gift card giveaway that set fire to an already trending topic. With endless outdoor activities right outside the front door, staying indoors and watching a computer screen is a tough task, especially during the summer months. Despite the alluring trance that nice weather has on the human psyche, Rayovac successfully captured the attention of the social media world. Trending as the #1 topic in the entire nation is no small feat. When crafting a social media strategy, such an accomplishment is merely dreamt about let alone conceived. Through hard work and attention to detail, Rayovac can hold its head high and relish in the triumph of being #1.