What are common 9V Battery Applications where I could use the 9V Lithium battery?

  • Household Products
    Digital scales, Garage door openers, Photographic flash units and light meters, Remote controls for RC hobbies, & Television/VCR/DVD/Stereo remote controls.
  • Home and Personal Safety
    Memory backup (e.g. clock radios, telephones, etc.), Smoke Alarms, Baby monitors, Emergency exit alarms, Carbon monoxide alarms, Flood alarms, Gas alarms, Home security devices, Electronic entry systems, Wireless security keypads,Door/window alarms, Glass break detectors, Motion sensors, Sound detectors, Passive infrared detectors, Pet containment systems, Panic buttons, Package tracking transmitters, Stun guns, & Personal defenders.
  • Medical
    Home healthcare equipment, ambulatory infusion pumps, Blood pressure monitors, Blood analyzers, Biofeedback systems, Bone growth simulators, Wireless patient monitors, Digital thermometers, External pacemakers/programmers, Galvanic stimulators, Muscle stimulators, Heart/Holter monitors, Pediatric scales, TENS units, Pulse oximeters, & Telemetry systems.
  • Wireless Communication
    Cargo container location beacons, Electronic toll collection systems, Military training targets, Laser tags, Remote infrared mice, Silo transducers, Vehicle/vessel tracking sensors, & Wireless remote controls.
  • Instrumentation
    Bar code scanners, Data recorders, Electronic parking meters, Digital gauges and scales, Force gauges, Voltmeters, Cable route tracers, Capacitance meters, Lux meters, Multimeters, Signal tracers, Metal/stud detectors, Gas flow correctors, Industrial valve actuators, Radar Detectors, Anti-static strap testers, Wireless switches, Microfilm cassettes, Radiosonde weather balloons, Utilities load controllers, Point-of-purchase merchandisers, Profilometers, Video head testers, & Noise cancellation equipment.
  • Marine/Aviation
    Marine compasses, Scuba-diving computers, Noise canceling headphones, Air samplers, Depth finders, Digital barometers, Global positioning systems, Marine smoke alarms, & Weather measurement instruments
  • Music/Audio
    Musical effects devices, Wireless microphones, Fuzz boxes, Wah-Wah pedals, Wireless preamps, Guitar pickups, Wireless transceivers, Wireless tuners, Portable music equipment, & Metronomes