Recharge AAA Batteries

At 600mAh, RAYOVAC® Rechargeable Batteries last up to 4 times as long as alkaline, and help keep disposable batteries out of landfills. They come pre-charged* and ready to use, plus you can recharge them up to 1,500 times—that’s getting your money’s worth. Recommended for high use devices.

  • Recharge up to 1500x
  • Batteries come charged & ready to use*
  • Lasts up to 4 times Longer than Alkaline batteries**
  • Reduce waste and save money. Keep disposable batteries out of the landfills and save hundreds of dollars when you use rechargeable batteries versus alkaline
  • Recommended for digital devices
  • Works in all RAYOVAC® Chargers
  • AAA cells are 600 mAh

* For optimal performance, RAYOVAC® recommends charging batteries prior to using.
** vs. Rayovac Standard AAA alkaline in digital cameras, results may vary by device.


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