Size 675 Hearing Aid Batteries

Long Lasting

RAYOVAC® 675 batteries are formulated to provide quality performance over the life of the battery and deliver more power when you need it. Our easy-to-use package features longer battery tabs, a secure dial and a reclosable door.

  • Innovative package design
  • Our Batteries Don’t Swell, Leak, or Damage Devices
  • Holds power for 4 years in storage


Size 675 Hearing Aid Batteries

Secure Dial

The controlled turn system prevents the battery dial from spinning freely, giving you total control over the movement of every battery.

Front Door

An easy-to-open, forward-facing door gives you full visibility of each battery without ever having to flip the package over.

Optimal Battery Tabs

New battery tab is longer, wider and easier to handle than our previous RAYOVAC® battery tabs.

Reclosable Door

The door will snap when properly closed.

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