Size 10 Hearing Aids - 24 Batteries in Pack

Rayovac's most advanced hearing aid battery yet*. No hearing aid battery lasts longer1—plain and simple, or your money back2!

Our cells are engineered with an advanced formula3 that performs in the most power-hungry hearing devices. This long-lasting formula provides consistent, high-quality performance throughout the life of the battery. Our innovative package features longer battery tabs4, a secure dial and an easy access reclosable door.

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No Hearing Aid Battery Lasts Longer1

Our improved cell design and formulation deliver more power to ensure no hearing aid battery lasts longer1. Our battery lasts up to two days longer than our previous formulation5.

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Long Lasting, Guaranteed!2

These batteries come with our four-year freshness guarantee so you can be confident in your purchase.

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Made in the USA with US and Global Parts6

Rayovac has been manufacturing hearing aid batteries in Portage, WI for over 50 years6. Through continuous investments and improvements, Rayovac is able to deliver new, innovative battery technology that features peak performance in today's devices.

made in usa with us and global parts. long lasting guaranteed. size 10
Easy to Use Packaging
hearing aid battery secure dial

Secure Dial

The controlled turn system prevents the battery dial from spinning freely, giving you total control over the movement of every battery.

reclosable door size 10

Front Door

An easy-to-open, forward-facing door gives you full visibility of each battery without ever having to flip the package over.

optimal battery tabs size 10

Optimal Battery Tabs

We engineered a new battery tab that is longer, wider and easier to handle than our previous Rayovac battery tabs.

Size 10 Recloseable Door

Reclosable Design

The door will snap when properly closed.

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long lasting formula - formula icon
Long Lasting Formula

This long lasting formula provides consistent, high-quality performance throughout the life of the battery.

max capacity cell - battery icon
Max Capacity Cell

Improvements in our cell design made room for more formula to power the battery3.

advanced technology - thumbs up icon
Advanced Technology

Designed to keep up with advancements in hearing aid devices and ideal for high-drain uses like wireless streaming.

Size 10 Hearing Aid Battery package closeup
*excludes size 675
1 Based on ANSI/IEC Performance Tests for size 10.
2 Money Back Guarantee: Contact 1-800-891-6091 for more details. Restrictions apply.
3 vs. previous Rayovac design (excludes size 675)
4 vs. previous Rayovac design
5 Reported by size 312 users in 2017 field study (varied by device and use, excludes size 675)
6 Proudly made in Portage, WI, with US and global parts.


Model: 10-24

Features and Benefits:

  • Size 10, 24 Battery Pack
  • No hearing aid battery lasts longer1
  • Money Back Guarantee2
  • Improved Packaging and Longer Battery Tabs4
  • Lasts up to two days longer than our previous formulation5
  • Made in the USA with US and Global Parts6
  • Mercury-Free – Friendly for the environment

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