Why Rayovac?

We've spent over 110 years thinking about batteries so you can think about them less. That’s why when you purchase RAYOVAC®, you’re getting a battery that’s backed by our three key promises:

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A Powerful Product

Engineering powerful performance is what we’re passionate about. That’s why RAYOVAC® is the battery that equals or outlasts the performance of any other alkaline battery on the shelf*.

110 years of battery perfecting experience and two production floor reliability tests ensure every powerful cylinder we sell, not to mention seven strict qualification protocols.

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A Fair Price

We know 40+% of Millennials are parents1. We also know kids are expensive. That’s why RAYOVAC® Alkaline delivers powerful performance at a fair price.

Your cart is already full of food, toys and everything else that keeps your family going, the least we can do is make long-lasting batteries a bit lighter on your wallet.

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An American Commitment

With production facilities and offices scattered throughout America’s Midwest, we’re proud to provide over 850 American jobs through the production of RAYOVAC® Batteries

When you find American made products without the sticker shock, that’s something to wave your flag and tell your friends about.

*Average ANSI performance tests | 1Source: “Millennials As New Parents” Barkley US, 2011